Lacôme has been a prolific perfume and cosmetics company since it began over eighty years ago. It originally began as a perfumery before branching out to provide other cosmetics. They have an incredible reputation for creating exquisite and stunning perfumes.

Lacôme’s most popular fragrances are La Vie est Belle and La Nuit Trésor.They are both unique scents that have some similarities to each other, however, they also carry their own unique qualities and notes that set them apart. They are both sophisticated and classy, and they look gorgeous on the vanity table. If you’re having trouble trying to decide between the two, we’ve written a comparison for each to help you figure out which one is best for you!

Release Details

La Vie est Belle was released in 2012. The illustrious Julia Roberts was the face of the perfume’s campaign, and this marketing was met with outstanding success. It was created by perfumers Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion, and Anne Flipo. Other formulas and versions of this perfume were also made, but the original release has stood the test of time and is a favorite among Lancome customers.

La Nuit Trésor was released in 2015 to another rousing success for Lacôme. Penelope Cruz was absolutely stunning in the ad campaigns for this fragrance, which did extremely well for Lacôme. It was brought together by perfumers Christophe Raynaud and Amadine Clerc-Marie. Lacôme released the original Lancôme Trésor back in 1952, it has since been reformulated, and we have been given many different editions of this perfume. La Nuit Trésor is truly an aromatic treasure for the senses and a well-loved take on the wonderful Trésor perfumes.

Description and Notes

La Vie est Belle is a perfect staple perfume for women. It has a more mature profile with both woodsy and floral fragrances. It’s perfect for daytime wear and summer dinner parties. It’s warm and woodsy with patchouli and vanilla, however, the spun sugar and iris spring flowers brighten up this fragrance, giving it an uplifting and invigorating experience. It’s elegant yet versatile. Chic, yet approachable.

  • La Vie est Belle has a top note of Iris spring flowers, a middle note of patchouli, and base notes that consist of a gourmand of Spun Sugar and Warm Vanilla. It’s the more simplistic formula of the two and isn’t too overpowering or heavy. If you enjoy floral scents with a more understated earthy tone, then this is perfect for you.

La Nuit Trésor – as seen on

La Nuit Trésor carries a more sophisticated scent similar to La Vie est Belle; however, this aromatic perfume is mature in a different way. Preferably worn after dark, this fragrance is perfect for a late night out at the finest social gatherings. It’s woody with fruity and floral notes to complement it. It’s very sultry and romantic. The patchouli and incense give this perfume an earthy and heady scent. Perfect for the winter and spring, during the darker days of the year.

  • The top notes of La Nuit Trésor are Lychee and Raspberry, with middle notes of Rose Damascene Essence and incense, and bottom notes of Absolute Vanilla Orchid Tahitensis, Praline, Patchouli, and Papyrus. Much more earthy than the La Vie est Belle, this sultry perfume will surely make you stand out.


Both La Vie est Belle and La Nuit Trésor share similar woody notes of patchouli, and they have a mature but uplifting fragrance. Floral and fruity scents underline those notes, providing an aromatic balance. Fruits and florals retain a youthful essence while still maintaining that elegant and sophisticated feeling.

In contrast, however, La Nuit Trésor carries a heavier scent with more woody notes in comparison to La Vie est Belle, with a strong floral top note. If you’re looking for a good perfume to wear in the workplace, then the La Vie est Belle would be the more appropriate scent, as the earthy tones are not quite as heavy, therefore making this perfume less intense. However, La Nuit Trésor could be worn in the workplace as well, just be mindful not to go overboard so as not to overpower your coworkers’ senses!


Both of these perfumes are perfect for the sultry and sophisticated femme. La Vie est Belle is ideal for those sunny and relaxing summer days. La Nuit Trésor is a wonderful fragrance for those who wait until the sun goes down for the excitement to begin.

Each perfume is appealing to the refined woman with mature tastes, but she still holds on to her eternal youth. La Vie est Belle says, “Let’s go for brunch and a walk through the park as we stay close to one another.” After all, life is beautiful! La Nuit Trésor says, “There’s more to me than meets the eye,” and indulges in feminine mystery. It gives… femme fatale.


The packaging for both of these perfumes are quite distinct from one another. La Vie est Belle is simple and elegant. This perfume has a beautiful soft-pink champagne hue, and a delicate chiffon scarf adorns the top. La Nuit Trésor has a more seductive design with black, diamond-shaped glass with a rose ribbon. Black and pink tones give the glass bottle a luxurious and dark, mysterious quality. As far as prices compare, La Vie est Belle is the more expensive of the two at around $150 USD for the 3.4fl oz, and La Nuit Trésor is priced at $142 USD for the 3.4fl oz. However, the difference is quite small over all, putting them on pretty equal footing as far as price.

Personal Opinion

Both perfumes are absolutely stunning. They have great longevity, and when applied to the skin, the aromas change throughout the day and really allow you to appreciate each of the notes as you wear them. However, out of the two, my personal preference is La Vie est Belle.

 As someone who values versatility in their beauty products, La Vie est Belle provides just that. It has minimal notes so as not to be too overpowering, and goes well with any occasion. While perfect for warm summer afternoons, this fragrance is ideal for any time of year. It sits nicely on the table and is travel friendly as well. It’s elegant enough for dinner parties and nights out, but not too formal for daytime wear or more casual settings.


Lancôme’s reputation is well earned, and both of these perfumes showcase why. Elegant, sophisticated, mature, and uplifting. Regardless of which fragrance you decide on, you understand the quality that comes with it. La Vie est Belle and La Nuit Trésor are two of their best-selling perfumes, and the quality and elegant fragrances speak for themselves. Both fragrances are enticing and alluring, making them ideal for women. They provide an air of elegance and sultry femininity.

Of the two, however, my best recommendation is La Vie est Belle. It is suitable for both day and night wear, making it ideal for any occasion. The bottle is slim and will add an air of elegance to any dresser or vanity table. The chiffon scarf is “Parisian chic” and the soft, champaign pink of the perfume is a gorgeous accent to any beauty room. As far as price, it’s slightly more expensive but only by a small margin. It’s a timeless formula that’s been carefully perfected over the years.

Additional considerations


Both bottles of perfume come in beautiful, minimalistic boxes. La Vie est Belle is packaged in a nice, soft white box with pink accents. In contrast to this, La Nuit Trésor comes with a sleek, elegant black box, giving it a luxurious and glamorous feel. They each have ribbons that adorn the cap of each bottle and have very distinct designs from one another. La Nuit Trésor’s diamond-shaped bottle feels bougie and can give a boutique feel to any vanity. La Vie est Belle is more reserved in its bottle shape, but that doesn’t take away from its elegance.


For the 3.4 fl oz bottles, the two fragrances are fairly close in price. With the La Vie est Belle being the more expensive option by about a $6 USD difference. So if you like one over the other and are concerned about a major price difference, there isn’t much of one. So your left with choosing which sent best suits you and your personality.  Be sure to keep an eye on Lacôme’s site as well as they often go on sale!

Target Audience

Both perfumes are ideal for the mature and feminine. It’s for those who enjoy dressing up for brunch or going out at night to the next dinner party or nightclub. La Nuit Tresor feels like it’s meant for the nightlife, with darker, earthy scents and a top note of fruity scents to keep it uplifting and approachable. La Vie est Belle is a little bit softer and is perfect for any time of day.


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